About Us

Nifty Mate is a customer service focused company that is committed to using the latest systems to ensure all work is of the highest quality and done on time.

We never lose sight of the needs of our customers. We strive to delight, not just satisfy them by meeting or exceeding their expectations at every opportunity.



Nifty Mate Vision

Nifty Mate strives to be the largest property maintenance “network” in Australia who is the first option for all property maintenance work.


Nifty Mate Values


    * Growth – we require everyone in the business to want to grow personally and grow the business

    * Honesty – truth at all times to staff and customers

    * Communication – open and prompt between all levels of the company

    * Empowerment – everyone is to take responsibility to learn, improve and grow

    * Education -  self education as well as us providing opportunities to learn and grow

    * Technology – Embrace technology and systems to help grow and run the company.


Our Staff

At Nifty Mate we believe that our staff are our number one asset.

We employ, train and develop all staff and provide a secure and rewarding future for them. We inspire every staff member to do their best. Most importantly, we value our staff and seek their feedback and opinions .